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Qualification Steam Sterilization

No matter the size of your sterilization challenges, we are here to help!

ISO 17665 - a great victory, only those who participated in the revision of the standard (2004 and 2005) and fought so hard, mainly for the inclusion of Bacillus atrophaeus and the possibility of sterilization at temperatures lower than 121°C, know how difficult it was! We thank Dr. Thereza Christina from USP for passing on so much knowledge and in such a practical way that she provided us to argue with our group in the revision of the ISO 11134 standard in the USA in 2005.

After the publication in 2006, we needed a partner to develop this calculation to serve our customers and we also thank the CEFAR team that bought the fight and developed the calculations in a brilliant way, especially Dr. Luiz Komiskas for his effort and dedication. This is Focum Engenharia e Validação - when our partner (client) needs it and is correct, but it is not in the standard, we move to change it to the standard! Focum, neither better nor worse we are a different company!

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